Enjoy a good salary and attractive benefits

Enjoy some of the best working conditions in home childcare, no matter if you are joining our team for a one-time contract or a longer-term commitment.

Detailed description of salary and benefits

This is how we stand out from other placement agencies:

  • $16/hour starting salary;
  • Guaranteed minimum number of hours;
  • Eight (8) statutory holidays per year;
  • Two (2) paid weeks off per year (for contracts of one year or more);
  • Two (2) sick days per year
  • Option to contribute to an RRSP from Fonds de Solidarité FTQ;
  • Professional and civil liability insurance coverage;
  • Occupational health and safety (CNESST) coverage;
  • Paid first-aid recertification

R&R is committed to offering its employees the best possible employment conditions and supporting them fully as members of the R&R team.

Advantages of working with us

Working with complete peace of mind

Highly reputable agency with a high volume of service requests!

A personable employer that values sustainable working relationships

R&R is the best family-oriented recruitment and placement agency in Québec. Join us!

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