High-calibre employees

To maintain the high standards of quality on which our reputation was built, our first priority is to select individuals whose interests in childcare go above and beyond the job description; we look for individuals who are passionate about helping families.

Our priority: building sustainable and trustworthy relationships

The candidate you choose will become part of your family life, and sometimes even a part of your family. Trust has always been — and will always be — the cornerstone of the professional ethic that guides the work and choices of our employees in ensuring the comfort and safety of your children.

Trust is what guides our selection process and we ensure that all our employees are equally committed to this approach.

Fundamental requirements for employees working with us (and with you!)

Every family has its own expectations about the employee they need. Any potential applicant looking to work with R&R must have the following qualifications:

  • Up-to-date first-aid certification;
  • Paperwork attesting to having no prior convictions;
  • A good driving record (when a driver’s licence is part of the job requirements);
  • Three to five years of relevant experience;
  • Knowledgeable about the stages of child development and how to foster children’s development based on their age;
  • Good knowledge about rules of hygiene and safety for environments where they are children.

Of course, all the additional skills, qualifications and qualities your family is looking for from a nanny or housekeeper are also added to this list of requirements during the selection process.


  • We are completely satisfied with the services of the R & R Agency. Effective, friendly and attentive! The team is friendly, responsible and has a great deal of experience, which immediately put us at ease. They worked with us to determine our needs accurately. The hiring process is rigorous and transparent. We found a rare gem, a dynamic and caring person who cares lovingly for our 4 years old daughter and our 1 year old boy.

  • Thanks to Alyssa and her team for your professionalism and dedication. You greatly simplify our daily lives for the happiness of our children and the whole family.

  • I have been with the R & R Agency since 2015 and I am very satisfied with the professionalism of the staff. They introduced us to quality people and their financial management makes it easy. They respond so quickly to our requests.

  • The R&R Agency allowed us to find a family helper adapted to our needs. Dad and Mom work full time, with 2 young children 6 months and 2 years old. We have a family helper who is at home every morning of the week, to help with housework, washing, meal preparations. This allows us to spend quality time with our children in the evenings and weekends.

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