Nannies play a central role in a child’s daily life

These dedicated professionals tend to your children’s physical and emotional needs while offering them stimulating activities to support their development.

Daily responsibilities

R&R recruits employees who are passionate about their work and we support their expertise.
Here are some of the important responsibilities they take on:

  • Ensuring the safety of your children at all times;
  • Organizing and monitoring indoor and outdoor activities;
  • Tending to your children’s physical and emotional needs;
  • Tending to their personal hygiene;
  • Preparing meals and maintaining the cleanliness of the kitchen and dining room;

Invaluable support for your family

Achieving work-life balance

Supporting your child’s development in line with your family values

Respecting your child’s day-to-day needs

A nanny is one of the best gifts you can offer yourself: the gift of peace of mind.


  • We are completely satisfied with the services of the R & R Agency. Effective, friendly and attentive! The team is friendly, responsible and has a great deal of experience, which immediately put us at ease. They worked with us to determine our needs accurately. The hiring process is rigorous and transparent. We found a rare gem, a dynamic and caring person who cares lovingly for our 4 years old daughter and our 1 year old boy.

  • Thanks to Alyssa and her team for your professionalism and dedication. You greatly simplify our daily lives for the happiness of our children and the whole family.

  • I have been with the R & R Agency since 2015 and I am very satisfied with the professionalism of the staff. They introduced us to quality people and their financial management makes it easy. They respond so quickly to our requests.

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