Satisfaction guarantee

With R&R, satisfaction and safety go hand in hand! When it comes to guaranteeing your children’s safety and happiness, you look for the very best, and we do too.

Our commitment to your family

When it comes to childcare, customer satisfaction involves a lot of careful attention. R&R’s attention to detail starts from our very first conversation with you and continues for as long as you stay with us.

For example:

• We verify all of our personnel’s qualifications and references, including a complete background check;
• We maintain strict confidentiality when it comes to your personal information;
• All our employees are covered by civil liability and professional liability insurance, as well as by Québec’s occupational health and safety plan (CNESST);
• We find replacement personnel at no cost to you when employees move on, resign or are away on extended sick leave;
• We ensure employees maintain their first-aid and CPR certifications;
• We offer a 20-business-day trial period to ensure our employee is well-suited to your family;
• We have a courteous and efficient management staff to help advise you and answer your questions;
• We follow up regularly with you while we seek out suitable candidates as well as throughout your time with us.

Let us help you lighten the load by offering you the very best services, the best guarantees, and some of the province’s best nannies and housekeepers. Your children deserve the best… and so do you!


  • We are completely satisfied with the services of the R & R Agency. Effective, friendly and attentive! The team is friendly, responsible and has a great deal of experience, which immediately put us at ease. They worked with us to determine our needs accurately. The hiring process is rigorous and transparent. We found a rare gem, a dynamic and caring person who cares lovingly for our 4 years old daughter and our 1 year old boy.

  • Thanks to Alyssa and her team for your professionalism and dedication. You greatly simplify our daily lives for the happiness of our children and the whole family.

  • I have been with the R & R Agency since 2015 and I am very satisfied with the professionalism of the staff. They introduced us to quality people and their financial management makes it easy. They respond so quickly to our requests.

  • The R&R Agency allowed us to find a family helper adapted to our needs. Dad and Mom work full time, with 2 young children 6 months and 2 years old. We have a family helper who is at home every morning of the week, to help with housework, washing, meal preparations. This allows us to spend quality time with our children in the evenings and weekends.